Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I spent 6 days in NYC with a friend. These are some of the things we saw.

Apollo Theater, Harlem



Rockefeller Center

The rink was still open.

Serendipity 3: Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate.

The only outdoor Picasso. Dogs wee on it. (in Noho)

In the theatre where no pictures are allowed...

A tiny snippet of the ceiling in Grand Central.

Times Square

My best picture is on film. [similar to this but better]

Central Park

I went for an hour and a bit stroll about the park. The city reallly does disappear and it gets oh so quiet (comparatively...the horns never stop honking in NYC. It was crazy).

Bethesda Fountain

There was still ice on the lakes and skating on the rink.


The ESB began summer hours early this year. We went up on March 1st at about 10pm. The night was clear and even when it began to snow the views were beautiful. The only problem was that we were nearly blown away and that made for difficult picture taking.
Oh, and the rigmarole we had to go through to get to the top? 2 elevators, a special picture memory stop where you had no choice but to have your picture taken (they try to sell it to you at the end), winding line ups and labyrinths of vague directions.

The Flatiron


Arty (or did the camera wiggle?)

Greenwich Village

Can I say yum? And yum again. Mmmmmm good. A little S&tC pit stop for us.

A NYPD pic on the sly.



I couldn't always get the picture I wanted but I was fascinated by the play of light as it reflected on the buildings. It danced and glowed and constantly drew my eyes upwards.